Throwback Thursday 8/14/14: “There’s None Better”

“Kenny Dierolf last night bowled the first perfect game in league competition in Rock Island since the local bowling association was organized in 1932. Dierolf registered his 300 score at the Fort Armstrong hotel alleys in his third game wile shooting with Doeckel’s Contractors, leaders of the Nite-hawk loop.

It was the second perfect game bowled in the tri-cities this season, Chuck Stuehmer of Davenport having rolled one last Sunday at the Fifth Avenue Recreation, Moline.

Among Dierolf’s 12 strikes were two Brooklyn hits, but both carried nicely. His last three strikes were right in the 1-3 pocket. He had a total of 658 for the series, the other two games being 178 and 180.

Ken took up the bowling game four years ago and for three years has bowled with the Doeckel team. He also shoots in the Rock Island Merchants league and is sponsor of the Dierolf dairy team of the Rock Island Classic loop. He resides at 1620 Twenty-ninth street, Rock Island.”

– The Rock Island Argus
January 23, 1941

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