Throwback Thursday 10/9/14: “ALLEYS TO SOON OPEN”

Central to Be One of the Finest Bowling Establishments in West.


First to Be for General Public – J. D. Sperry to Be Manager.

The Central bowling alleys at 1903 and 1905 Second avenue, are to be formally opened to the public Tuesday evening of next week. Only the second floor alleys will be in use at the start, however, the lower floor to be opened as soon as completed. There is to be a match between picked teams Thursday evening.

With the opening of the Central alleys the city will be provided with one of the finest possible places in which to pursue the fascinating and healthful sport of bowling. The quarters are roomy, well lighted and well arranged in every particular, while the alleys being put in are No. 1 in quality and finish, the best, in short, that can be provided.

As has been stated in previous descriptions of the building there is room on each of the two floors for six alleys. For the present, however, there will be but four on the second floor. The space for the others is rather too short and will not be utilized for bowling unless the patronage warrants a further expansion. The six alleys on the first floor are expected to be completed in the next three weeks. Then the lower floor will be open to the general public, while the upper floor will be reserved for ladies, attended by escorts or alone, and private parties who reserve one or more of the alleys for a stated time.

Building Credit to the City

The building, as is generally known, was planned and begun by the late Peter Fries. It is a credit to the city from both the exterior and interior point of view. Built with the intention of using the first and second floors for bowling alleys it is well lighted and airy and of such construction as will insure the comfort and convenience of patrons and the best results generally. The third floor is intended to be fitted up with office rooms. There is now no heat in the building, but this will be provided when the plans for the remodeling of the structure adjoining it on the west are carried out.

The alleys are being built by A. D. Sperry and the contract for them is held by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender company, of Chicago. J. D. Sperry will have the management of the alleys when they are opened to the public.

Alleys Are First-Class

As are all first class alleys, these are made of yellow pine in the middle portion, with rock maple at each end to withstand the rough usage to which the extremes are subjected. The bed is made of four-inch strips set edgewise and planed, sandpapered and polished down to almost absolute perfection. The lighting will be of gas, it having been shown that this sort of illumination is superior to electricity for bowling. Both above and below there will be raised platforms at the front of the rooms for the accommodation of spectators. The door leading directly upstairs will form the entrance for the ladies.”

-The Rock Island Argus
October 3, 1902

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