Throwback Thursday 10/23/14: “RI Ladies League celebrates 80th year”

“The Rock Island Ladies League, which bowls on Tuesday at Town & Country Bowl, has been around for a very long time. It was way back in 1926 when the league, then called the Rock Island Girls, first took to the lanes at the Fort Alleys in the Fort Armstrong Hotel.

That was 12 years before the Moline-Rock Island Women’s Bowling Association was formed, so those earlier seasons saw the league bowl as an unsanctioned entity. In 1933, the league moved to the Central Alleys on 3rd Avenue.

After affiliating with the MRIWBA, the Rock Island Ladies became WIBC sanctioned. The league is the oldest women’s league in the Illinois Quad-Cities. Current membership is spread across nine teams. The league has bowled at Town & Country ever since that center first opened in 1958.

Val Titus has served as the league’s secretary, “for a very long time,” she says. Health problems have forced Titus to give up bowling, but she is on hand while the league bowls its weekly matches. Inez Green is president of the Rock Island Ladies and Jessica Johnson is its treasurer.

Three members of the Rock Island Ladies topped 600 last week, with Bev Koenig heading up the list with her 663. Koenig’s games were 206, 178 and 279. Judy Salazar had 603 and Jessica Johnson 602 that night. Koenig’s 210 is the top average thus far this season.

To put the age of this league in perspective, I will only say that they had completed their first season before I was born.”

-Cal Whitmore
The Rock Island Argus
October 9, 2006

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