Throwback Thursday 12/4/14: “Local bowling team awarded for throwing nation’s top series”

“About midway through the 2006-07 bowling season, on Dec. 4, 2006, the Western Residential Mortgage team fired an astounding 3093 score in the Sam’s Highland Masters League. That was by four men.

On this past Monday, officials of the Moline-East Moline USBC Bowling Association presented plaques awarded by the United States Bowling Congress to each of the men involved in bowling a score that was the top four-man, three-game series in the entire nation last season.

On that eventful night, Bryan Schuldt had games of 259, 258 and 256 for a 773 total. Ron Schuldt, Bryan’s dad, closed at 734 (278, 245, 211). Josh Cantrill added 749 (224, 258, 267) and Joe Roseman, the team’s only left-hander had a huge 837 series in which he recorded 268, 290 and 279 lines.

The team strung games of 1029, 1051 and 1013, which would be very good scores for a five-man team. Hearty congratulations to Bryan, Ron, Josh and Joe for their great accomplishment.”

– The Rock Island Argus
November 25, 2007

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