Throwback Thursday 12/25/14: “Bradley, Thiem roll up some big numbers”

“Jason Bradley and Rick Thiem were the principal attention-getters in Monday’s session of the Bill Searcy Classic League at Town and Country Lanes. Bradley, an 18-year-old Rock Island High School student, opened the night with his very first 300 game. Thiem produced a masterful 827 series.

“The best game I ever had (before the 300) in the league was a 279,” Bradley said.

“All of the strikes in the 300 were in the pocket, except for the 11th one. It crossed over to the Brooklyn,”  the 207 average right-hander recalled.

Bradley slipped to 188 and 173 in his remaining lines, but was basking in the glory of that perfect game.

Thiem, 42, used scores of 289, 242, and 296 for that 827, his seventh trip over 800 in a long career.

“I had the first 10 (strikes) in the first game, but left a solid 8-pin on the next ball. Then in the third game, after having 11 strikes, I pulled the last ball really bad, leaving the 3-6-9-10,” Thiem said.

An East Moline resident, Thiem is properietor of the Best Approach Pro Shop, located within the Town and Country premises.”

-The Rock Island Argus
December 1, 2001

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