Throwback Thursday 1/29/15: “Newman Perfect in City League”

“Willie Newman and the Rock Island City League picked the coldest night of the winter to record their hottest night of the bowling season last night at Town & Country Lanes.

While the temperature outside was sinking to 17 degrees below zero, Newman parlayed a brilliant 300 game into a 720 series to lead a list of 15 honor roll keglers.

Willie’s 300 was the first for the league this season, topping the 299 shot earlier by Jim Thomas on the night when the young man fired a scorching 780 total. And Willie didn’t get it by being cautious. With 11 strikes behind him and the perfect game hanging in the balance, he fired his last shot perfectly into the pocket.

Bob Searcy was nine pins short of the 700 mark and Bob Cosper earlier flirted with a 300, banging home 10 consecutive strikes in his second game. He finish with 289.

O’Melia’s Supper Club, as usual, was the team leader with 3105 and 1100.”

-The Rock Island Argus
January 7, 1971

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