Around the Lanes 2/17/15

Four more honor scores have been bowled in recent weeks at QC Family Entertainment Center. Lee Rottman rolled eleven strikes in a row for a 298 game as part of a 747 series in the Ricky Thiem Classic League. BJ Sparks also had an eleven in a row 298 game, this coming in the 2nd annual GRICO Open Tournament. So far, two 300 games have been bowled in the opening days of the GRICO Open Tournament. Todd Cook rolled the first one, finishing with a 786 series and Keith Wendt had the other.

There have been several big scores bowled in the Rock Island County VFW League at Highland Park Bowl over the last two months as three bowlers have rolled perfect games. Wayne Kirby finished with a 707 series after a 300 in his second game. Tyler Holzman finished with a 721 series after his perfect game and Larry Carr ended the night with a 710 series after his perfecto. Bub Lankford (290), Chris Pruett (290) Larry Carr (290), Don Taylor (299) and Ernie Moenck (299) came up one strike short of a 300 game but still earned eleven-in-a-row awards from the GRICO USBC. Moenck used his 299 game to top the list of high series rolled in the league in recent weeks with an 808 count. Other top series were rolled by Joe Fonteyne (770), David Freeze (766), Ed Loggins (766), Steve Carter (762) and Brad Neff (758). In addition, Derek Burkeybile rolled ten strikes in a row for a 289 game.

The Plow City League also saw three bowlers rolling a 300 game. Terry Buzea finished with a 769 series after his perfect game. Branden Berhenke ended up with a 710 series after starting with a 300 and Don Houseman used his perfect game to push his series to 768. Marty Johnson came up one pin shy of a 300 with a 299 game. He finished at 767 for the night. Other eleven-in-a-row games were rolled by Steve Crew (297) and Todd Cook (290). Cook ended his league session with a 775 series. Other big games were rolled by Jeff Depaolis (287) and Doug Johnson (280).

The scoring spree continued in the Sam Clymer’s Merry Mixed League with Jimmy Dooley rolling games of 245, 248 and 278 for a 771 series. Dooley also rolled a 280 game in the weeks following his big 771 count. Jeff Pendleton used games of 216, 279 and 278 to end his night with a 773 count. However, it was Spencer Werthman  who rolled games of 279, 246 and 269 to lead the league with a 794 series.

It was in the Friday Morning Early Birds League where Mark Williams had two outstanding outings. Williams bowled games of 247, 267 and 290 to finish with an 804 series and followed that up a few weeks later with games of 235, 278 and 300 for an 813 total. Chris Suhr rolled the only other 300 in the league as part of his 701 series. Doug Bateman rolled the other high game in the league of 280.

Other big scores were rolled by Brian Hopkins in the Hafner’s League. Hopkins bowled a 288 game and 715 series and weeks later bowled another 288 game but finished with a 716 total. Other 288 games were rolled by Mark Czerwinski, Todd Holman and Eric Krack. Brad Dugan finished his Hafner’s League session with a 791 series after games of 257, 289 and 245. Eric Welsh started his 779 series with a 297 game in the Sunset Bowling League and Allen Roush led the John Deere Harvester Monday Night League with games of 279, 257 and 236 for a 772 total. Jim Harrington led the Jolly Boys League with a 287 single game. Jess Castillas rolled eleven strikes in a row for a 290 game to lead the Highland Park Seniors and Dave Ripple had the high game of 289 in the Sunday Night Leftovers League.

There have also been several great scores bowled by the women bowlers at HPB. Penny Ackerman used a 242 high game to end her league session with a 613 series. Amber Holzman rolled games of 224, 212 and 191 for a 627 total. Marie Luft had a high game of 244 in the Crown Jewels League. Ellen Moller finished just short of a 700 series with a 693 after games of 246, 212 and 235. In the Alpha Moore League, Bonnie Ossian ended with a huge 765 series after games of 267, 253 and 245. Jen Sholl used a 248 high game to end her Sam Clymer’s Merry Mixed League session with a 708 total. In the Crazy Ladies League, Teri Lynch ended her night with a 652 series after a big 277 game. Other 600 series were rolled by Misty Eng (649), Alexis Garland (641), Sara Ashenhurst (646) and De’borah Davis (624). While other high single games were bowled by Jodi Morse (247) Diane Szkil (246) Courtney Chapman (245) and Cindy Wagoner (244). Congratulations to all of these bowlers on their outstanding scores.


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