Around the Lanes 3/10/15

The 2nd annual Greater Rock Island County USBC Open Tournament was recently held at QC Family Entertainment. Zeglin’s TV & Appliance of the Milan Klassic league won the overall team championship with a 3,593 total. Greg Hockett and Jerry Lange were the doubles champions as a result of a 1,572 score. The singles championship went to Donald Powers with his 821 total and Keith Wendt won the all-events championship with his 2,355 nine-game total. Zach Schuldt rolled the high series of the tournament, an 804, and there were three bowlers who bowled a 300 game, Todd Cook, Greg Hockett and Keith Wendt.

New to this year’s tournament was an optional scratch division. Jim’s Knoxville Tap rolled a 3,415 score to take this team division. The doubles winners were Bryan Schuldt and Zach Schuldt with a 1,495 total and Eric Stelly won the singles division with an 802 series. There was not an optional scratch all-events. The memorial roll-offs in honor of Ray Colman, Sam Gnatovich and Buddy Bateman will be held Saturday, March 15 at 11:00 A.M. at QC Family Entertainment. Tournament awards will be presented at the Hall of Fame induction and Bowlers Bash Saturday, March 21st at 7:00 P.M. at the Elks Club in Rock Island. Congratulations to these bowlers on their outstanding scores.


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