Around the Lanes 4/7/15

Highland Park Bowl in Moline has seen several big series rolled in recent months, the highest being an 848 bowled by Rob Genz in the Rock Island County VFW League. Genz started with a 248 game then threw 24 strikes in a row to finish with back to back 300 games. Three other bowlers also topped the 800 mark in this same league. Dave VanOteghem rolled games of 244, 289 and 267 to finish with an exact 800 series. VanOteghem followed up his 800 series with an 845 total the very next week. This came from games of 249, 297 and 299. Chris Miner strung together games of 269, 279 and 257 for an 805 total and Ernie Moenck used games of 300, 244 and 258 to end his league session with an 802 series. Also in the RI County VFW League, Glen Hostens finished out a 754 series with a 300 game.

Two bowlers from the Senior Travel League also eclipsed the 800 mark in recent weeks. Bill Newman led the way with an 823 series from games of 300, 244 and 279. Roger Olderog finished jsut shy of Newman with an 800 series after rolling games of 288, 225 and 287. The only other 800 series reported was an 807 rolled by Johnnie Etter in the Sam Clymer’s Merry Mixed League. His games were 270, 279 and 258.

The Plow City League has seen four bowlers rolling perfect 300 games. These were rolled by Mike Hamilton, Darren Yusko, Eric Stelly and Rich Lofgren. Hamilton finished his night with a 736 series and Yusko finished with 741. Other 300 games bowled in league action at HPB were bowled by Nick Sommers in the Sunday Night Leftovers League, Corey Gordon in the Friday Night Short Crew League and Kent Miner in the John Deere Thursday Night League. Gordon ended his night with a 759 series and Miner finished with a 774 total.

Rob Ludwig had to settle for an eleven in a row game after finishing his 735 series with a 298 game in the RIPO Sunday Mixed League. Todd Cook threw eleven in a row for a 290 as the second game of his Sunset Bowling League session. He finished with a 776 series. Bob Cassatt also had a 290 game, his coming in the Highland Park Seniors League.

Teresa Womack led women’s scoring at HPB with a 726 series coming from games of 256, 202 and 268. She also had a 668 series as a result of 199, 223 and 246 lines. These both occurred in the Saturday Early Bird League. Sandy Davis posted a 258 game in the same league. Maggie Suchoski used a 279 high game to finish her Tuesday Night Mixed League session with a 681 total and Bonnie Ossian topped the Alpha Moore League with a 676 series coming from games of 229, 203 and 244. Jen Sholl was the high scorer in the Sam Clymer’s Merry Mixed League with games of 212, 245 and 214 for a 671 series. Connie Cornmesser led the Friday Night Short Crew with a 669 series from games of 225, 220 and 224, while Emilee Walker had the top game of 256.  Nicole Miner used a 259 top game to bring her series to 655 in the Tuesday “8” League.

Other top games were bowled by Katie James (273) in the Quad City Towing League, Pat Livermore (258) in the Every Other Sunday League, Jen Sholl (256) in the Same Clymer’s Merry Mixed League, Connie Cornmesser (256) and Michell Goddard (245) in the John Deere Harvester Mixed League, Jennifer Morris (255) in the Hyland Redskins League and Misty Eng (247) in the Friday Early Birds. Congratulations to all of these bowlers on their great scores.

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