Throwback Thursday 9/17/15: “Rock Island Now A Bowling Mecca”

City Can Boast of Three First Class Alleys and Five Flourishing Bowling Leagues.

Rock Island still retains its place as the leading bowling city in this vicinity, and it continues to be the mecca for hundreds of pin shooters. Rock Island has no less than five well organized bowling leagues this season, two more than a year ago, and the calibre of the teams in the larger circuits is equal that of the Chicago teams, which is saying a great deal considering the relative size of the two cities.

The major or class AA league in Rock Island this year is the Tri-City Bowling league, formerly the Twin-City league. Although this circuit is a three-town proposition, Rock Island has four teams entered, with Davenport three and Moline one. Herman Winkler of this city is president of the league and Hans Clemann is secretary. The Edelweiss team is leading the league at present, and Art Salzmann, one of its members, is tri-city bowling champion. Other teams from this city are the Cross Countrys, Harms and Cubs. The Blackhawks, Martins and Outings are from Davenport and the FitzGibbon five of Moline is also a member.

The bowlers in the Tri-City league have set a terrific pace this season, the men are showing no signs of letting up. and high averages have been established.

The next league of importance is the Island City Merchants’ circuit, with Guy Moose as president and Lawrence Bredar as secretary. There are six teams in this league, namely the Flynns, Ullemeyers, M. & S., Haeges, M. & K. and Bescos. At the present time the Flynns and Haeges are running neck and neck for the lead. The league is constructed on a firm footing, by-laws and rules having been adopted, with substantial entrance fees. The Island City Merchants’ league is a merger of the Island City and Commercial Bowling leagues of last season. Merchants have offered attractive prizes to the members ending up the season with the best averages.”

-The Rock Island Argus
December 31, 1915

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