“Last evening the organization of the Tri-City Bowling league was perfected at a meeting held at the Central alleys in this city. There are to be six clubs in the league, two from the Central alleys here, two from the Brunswick alleys in Moline, and two from the Allen alleys in Davenport.

It was settled that the schedule shall include a series lasting 10 weeks, 10 games being played by each club. The meetings will be held Monday evenings, the first matches being played next Monday, one in each city. The details of the schedule were left with A. D. Sperry, of this city, to arrange. The A. B. C. rules will govern the contests and the winning team will be awarded a trophy.

The clubs that will enter have not yet chosen their names and unless they do so at once they will be known by number in the beginning of the series. By-laws were adopted last evening. Each club is to appoint one member of an executive committee and that body is to hold a meeting in this city next Friday evening for the purpose of finally ratifying the schedule and attending to other details.”

-The Rock Island Argus
December 9, 1902

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