Throwback Thursday 10/20/16: “Ready To Start Work on New R. I. Bowling Establishment”

“Work is scheduled to start tomorrow on construction of the Town and Country Bowling Lanes on the west side of 11th St., between 36th and 37th Aves., Rock Island.

The 24-alley establishment, which will feature automatic pin setters with underground returns, is expected to be completed by Sept. 1, according to officials of the L.P. Corp., owner of the establishment. The building will be air conditioned.

They are Kenneth Enright, president, and Al Barnes, vice president and general manager. Both are of Rock Island.

A permit for construction of the 140 by 140-foot building will be obtained this week, Barnes said, adding that approval has been received already from city officials to start laying footings tomorrow.

Occupying a full block area on the west side of 11th St., the new lanes will be the largest in the Quad-City area, the first to be constructed outright for automatic pin setting, and the first to feature underground returns.

Adequate off-street parking facilities will be available.

Barnes said a few league openings yet remain for the initial season of the lanes next fall.

Among the features to be offered by the Town and Country Bowling Lanes will be Peewee Leagues for youngsters on Saturday mornings and ladies afternoons on weekdays. A pro shop will be incorporated in the establishment.

Barnes said a new car will be given to the person bowling the first 300 game at the bowling lanes.”

-Moline Dispatch
May 14, 1958

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