Throwback Thursday 12/1/16: “Surpasses World’s Best Bowling”

Nathan Mayer Breaks Highest Score Known for Three Games.


Moline holds the premier bowler of the world for individual record in three games. Nathan Mayer, associated with his father in the well known clothing store, last evening in the local alleys broke the world’s record for total score and high average for three games; He rolled 728 pins, an average of 242 2-3. He rolled 228 the first game, 214 the second and in the last scored 286, a remarkable score and one which will stand on the alley for a long time unsurpassed. The possible score is 300 and Mr. Mayer scored ten straight strikes in his third game.

Mr. Mayer has exceeded the championship record allowed Frank Brill of Chicago by the American Bowling Congress by 80 pins. Mr. Brill’s record was 648, but the Moline man surpassed that. The other day Peter Beets of Sterling rolled 727 pins in three games, but Mayer has him bested by one. In that game Deets scored 258, 246 and 223. He played two additional games, scoring 191 and 222, a total of 1,140 for the five. Mr. Mayer’s score was made in the course of a game with Abe Stouffer, who held the alley record of 237 before, John Sundine and Severin Johnson.”

-The Evening Mail
February 7, 1902

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