Throwback Thursday 3/2/17: “BOWLING LEAGUE TO START NOV. 9”

“Officers Are Elected and Organization Plans Are Now Well Under Way – C. J. Wright Treasurer.


Schedule of Twenty Weeks and Prize Money Amounting to $135 – A Rosy Outlook.

Bowling enthusiasts of the three cities met in the parlors at the Harper house in Rock Island last evening and completed organization plans for a tri-city league, formed for the coming winter and following closely the lines of last year’s organization.

There are to be six teams in the league, two from each city, and the schedule will extend over a period of twenty weeks. Each team will bowl one game a week and the schedule will be arranged within a very few days. Teams are to be organized at once and the first games will be played Monday evening, Nov. 9.

The Brunswick alleys in this city, the Allen alleys in Davenport and the Central alleys in Rock Island have been chosen as the places on which league games shall be rolled. Prize money amounting to $135 is to be hung up to be divided among the teams as they finish. Moline has some exceptionally strong “knights of the ten pin” and it would not be surprising to see first place come to this city.

The officers elected are:
President – Thomas C. Murdock, Davenport
Vice president – A. D. Sperry, Rock Island
Secretary and treasurer – C. J. Wright, this city

-The Moline Daily Dispatch
October 23, 1903

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