Throwback Thursday 4/13/17: “Wunder Y Girls Set Record for Twin-City Loop”

“Wunder Y bowling team of Moline set a new season record for series and single game last night in rolling off a postponed match in the Twin-city Ladies’ league.

The Moline girls bowled 2664 in defeating the Reynolds Engineering team at the Fort alleys in Rock Island and had a 909 game, both being high totals for the year. They won all three games by decisive margins to go into first place in the standings.

Tonight at Len’s, the Wunder Y team will meet Huesing’s second place girls in a crucial match in the league race. The bowling begins at 9 in the evening.

Marian Porter and Helen Johnston paced the Wunder Y girls last night with identical 543 scores. It was the highest series of the year for Mrs. Porter who bowled 218 for the only 200 game of the series.

All five of the Wunder Y girls topped 500, probably for the first time in the league this year for any team.”

-Daily Dispatch
February 23, 1940

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