Throwback Thursday 12/28/17: “Top scoring nights for pair of Q-C bowling leagues”

”Sam’s Highland Masters and Tri-City Classic are two of the top scoring leagues in the Quad-Cities. Both had their best scoring nights last week.

The Highland Masters produced an average score of 662 for their 48 bowlers; the Tri-City’s 60 players averaged 689.

The Highland masters, consisting of 12 four-player teams, is now in its second season, On its record-setting night, Rick Barlett had the top series with a 780 that came from 256, 245 and 279 games. Todd Cook’s 299 was the top line. It boosted Cook to a 761 series with his earlier lines being 193 and 269.

Cook’s team posted both team highs with a 1033 game and a 2808 series. Bob Collis contributed a 737, Gene Huggart had 664 and Mike Jump was at 646. There were a total of 14 men who had better than 700 on the Highland Masters’ best scoring night.

The Tri-City Classic was first organized in 1900 and is now in its 106th season. Last week’s 689 average score erased the previous record, 687, Another league record was set when the Miller Time Bowling team used 1350, 1284 and 1188 lines for a massive 3822 series. That score also is the newest Iowa State record, topping the 3798 that had first been bowled in Waterloo in 2003 and tied this past January by Miller Time Bowling.

Doug Anderson led the Miller Time scoring with an 814 that came from 266, 269 and 279 segments. Following were Chuck Schuette at 799, sub Jeff Krager with 790, Gary Garnaas with 747 and Josh Cantrill at 672. Krager had a 298 in his middle line.

Rob Genz was the top shooter in the Tri-City Classic that night with 279, 258 and 278 games adding to 815. A total of 20 bowlers, in addition to Genz and Anderson, finished above 700 that night. Eric Littig’s 299 was the session’s best game.

Mike Peters is leading the Highland Masters with his 234 average. Gary Garnaas has a 240 average, tops in the Tri-City Classic.”

-The Rock Island Argus
April 10, 2006

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