Throwback Thursday 1/18/18: “Local Bowlers Collect Gravy In Illinois Event”

“Bowlers in the Tri-City Classic League went to the Springfield, Ill., Sweepstakes for a purpose and they came out the winners. In the picture, taken Thursday night at the Plaza Bowl in Bettendorf, the fortunate bowlers are shown with their trophies. From left to right, bottom row, are Ray Colman, Harold Bracker, Walter McElhinny, vice-president of the Consumers Sales Agency, and H. L. Erwin. Back row: Lloyd Moseley, Cal Whitmore, Ed Wichelmann, Elmer Rogers, manager of the Plaza, Bob Anderson, Gene Baker and Elmer Fischer, secretary of the Springfield Bowling Association and a director of the American Bowling Congress. The Moline Consumers team won the championship with 2936. Don Anderson and Ed Wichelmann took the doubles crown with 1258 and Ray Colman won the all-events with 1812. All of the bowlers roll in the Tri-City Classic League.”

-Morning Democrat
March 28, 1958

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