Throwback Thursday 1/10/19

-Daily Dispatch
August 6, 1943

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Throwback Thursday 12/13/18

-Morning Democrat
September 3, 1958

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Throwback Thursday 12/6/18: “Bowling Slants”

“Packed galleries witnessed the second series of events yesterday in the bowling tournament which the Rock Island branch of the Davenport Bowling association is holding at the Central alleys of Rock Island. Bowling started at noon and continued until 11 last night. High scores for singles games were numerous.

The Central Oil & Grease team rolled the splendid score of 3005, due in no small measure to the shooting of Capt. Rick Sundin of Moline. Benda of the Grease company team was high in the singles with 698, having an opportunity of establishing a record score, as he started with 264, followed with 257 but finished with 177.

Art Salzmann had a count of 631, and Ed Johnson of the A & P Recreation team of Aledo totaled close to 2000 pins for the three events-singles, doubles and team. He and his partner, Parkman, had a score of 1228 for doubles, DeClerk of Kewanee had a count of 677 in the doubles, but his partner could connect for only 503, making their total 1180.

Art Vinall and Roy Krabbenhoeft couldn’t connect at the same time, but they had a score of 1219 for the doubles. The Servus Rubber team registered a good series and is leading in its class with 2748.”

-Daily Dispatch
February 15, 1932

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Throwback Thursday 11/22/18: “BROKE FIVE MEN RECORD”

“Five men broke the alley record at the Harms hotel bowling alley yesterday afternoon for the high five men score. A total of 1035 pins was secured. The bowlers and the scores they made follow: W. H. Aldrich, 224; Oscar Liitt, 224; Louis Heitman, 191; George Huckstedt, 190; Chas. Wilson, 195.

Thursday evening a the Rock Island club alleys the Independents of the Tri-City Bowling league will roll the club team.”

-The Daily Times
February 1, 1909

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Throwback Thursday 11/8/18: “BOWLING ALLEY TO BE OPENED WEDNESDAY”

“The finishing touches are being put upon the new bowling alley built by Peter Pfaff just west of his place of business on the corner of Seventh avenue and Seventeenth street and the date of opening has been set for next Wednesday evening. The alley, when completed, will be one of the best equipped in the tri-cities. The old building which stood west of the saloon has been turned with the length extending north and south and on the rear an addition has been added, giving ample room for a regulation alley.

The floor of the alley is of hard maple at the ends and hard pine in the middle, and it has been polished down to perfection. The part where the players stand is finished in oak while in the rear and separated by a railing is a room for spectators and containing private lockers. The interior is lighted by electricity, reflectors being provided over the alley. The carpenter work has been done by Charles Passon & Sons. Bleuer’s orchestra will be in attendance at the opening Wednesday evening.”

-The Argus
October 28, 1901

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Throwback Thursday 11/1/18: “Peerless Bowlers Win R. I. Tourney; Grams Rolls 638”

“The Peerless Dairy Co. won the class A championship with a team score of 2,752 in the second annual tournament of the Rock Island Bowling association last night at the Central alleys. A capacity crowd of 200 attended.

Carl Grams, with a score of 638 won individual honors with Art Unger placing second with 636 and Fred Franzen placing third with 621. The Tri-City Posting Service team won class B honors with a total of 2,650 while the B. & B. Auto Service with a score of 2,431, placed first in class C.”

-The Daily Times
January 16, 1934

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Throwback Thursday 8/21/14: “Millwork Entry Wins Team Title of City Pin Tourney”

Greater Rock Island County USBC

“Champs Fire 3,007 Total in Hectic Alley Session.

They crowned a new champion last night as team competition in the City Bowling tournament came to an explosive conclusion at the Central alleys, and it’s a wonder today that the roof is still on the place.

The Rock Island Millwork quintet is the king of the crews by virtue of its 3,007, but Bear Manufacturing company of the same circuit blew plenty of hot breath on the necks of the winners with a 3,001 total. Last year’s winners, Rufe Ryan’s of the All Service loop, finished third with 2,995. Their 1947 score was 3,035.

There was so much excitement that even Sheriff Claude Taylor appeared on the scene – in an unofficial visit. Up until last night the Ryan outfit seemed a cinch to walk off with a second straight title.

Then, with Elmer Engman leading the way with a sizzling…

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